Q&A for Electronic Stethoscope

A:(1) Please check if the battery has been placed properly and resume the process.
(2) Please change the battery and turn on the device again.

A:(1) Please make sure the headset is properly assembled and try again.
(2) Please adjust the sound volume to keep it at the proper level.

A:Please check if the SD card is properly installed or damaged.
If the function can’t be resumed, please contact the service center.。

A:It means the storage of SD card is full with over 999 pieces of sound data. Please take out the SD card to copy the files to your PC and format the SD card to clean all the data. Insert the SD card back to the device to resume the normal function.。

A:The system will automatically enter the sleep mode to protect the data in the SD card when you remove or insert the SD card with the device on.

A:When there is a mistake with the format of recording, the system will automatically check the error. Please remove the SD card and format it.

A:It means the time and date of the device haven’t been set up yet. Please enter the menu to “Setting Date” to input correct date and time.

A:(1) Please make sure the whole barcode image is within the scanning area and do not move it when it’s under scanning.
(2) Please make sure there is no non-numeric or non-alphabet symbols in the barcode information, such as ”, *, /, :, ?, <, >, \ and |.。

A:Please re-install the battery and turn on the power again to check if the error message is gone. 。

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